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金沙体育在线在美洲和遗留的URS i.e. 在美洲(主要是DCS美洲)

Please use our employment 和 wage verification process through The Work Number service from Equifax. 此安全服务可用于抵押/贷款申请, 背景调查, leasing an apartment or any other instance where proof of wages or employment is required. 该服务还支持社会服务验证. 工作编号提供了几个选项来验证信息:

——请访问 www.theworknumber.com 然后选择“我是验证者”


  1. 雇主名称或代码:金沙体育在线
  2. 用人单位代码:13691
  3. 员工的社会保险号



We have two separate employment/wage verification processes depending upon whether the employee worked for 金沙体育在线 or URS, 被金沙体育在线收购了.

- For legacy URS employees in the UK 和 爱尔兰, please send your request to: HR.服务.中心.UK.和.爱尔兰@金沙体育在线.com 或拨打+44 (0)1256 310655.

- For all other 金沙体育在线 UK 和 爱尔兰 employees, please send your request to: HRShared服务.europe@金沙体育在线.com 或拨打+44 (0)1727 535656.



For employment/wage verification for 金沙体育在线 employees in the Middle East (except Afghanistan 和 Kabul), please send your request to our Middle East HR Shared 服务 entity at HR.MiddleEast@金沙体育在线.com.

Please allow approximately 48 hours to receive a response to your Email.



为在阿富汗的金沙体育在线员工提供就业/工资验证, 请将您的请求发送到金沙体育在线迪拜人力资源支持办公室 support@gssdubai.com.


If you are a former employee of 金沙体育在线's International Development business or its legacy companies, 请联系DT Global dt-global.com.

If you are a former employee of 金沙体育在线's Management 服务 business or its legacy companies, 请联系Amentum 柔荑花序.com

我是URS的员工. 我怎样才能获得先前的就业证明?

我是URS的员工. 我怎样才能获得先前的就业证明?

Employment/wage verification for employees who were part of Flint 能源 服务 or URS OG (Oil 和 Gas) in the 美国 can be done via The Work Number at http://www.theworknumber.com


分支 code 联系
弗林特能源服务或URS石油和天然气 15434  
FS,现隶属于管理服务处,包括APPTIS的雇员 14285 玛莎.abate@金沙体育在线.com或301-944-3259
URS EC/EIC Oracle员工 12306 1-800-367-5690



请联系 the 金沙体育在线 Benefits 服务 Center at: 844-779-9567 (Outside the US: + 1 312-843-5091).

I have a question about my 金沙体育在线 sponsored 401k plan, who can I 联系?

请联系 our 401(k) administrator, Merrill Lynch, at 877-637-4226. 如果他们无法提供协助,请将您的请求发送至: retirementplans@金沙体育在线.com.


请将您的请求发送到工资单帮助台 金沙体育在线_Payroll@金沙体育在线.com.

I have a question about my current 金沙体育在线 paycheck, who can I 联系?



如果你有兴趣申请金沙体育在线的工作, 请通过金沙体育在线网站的职业版块: 金沙体育在线.com/careers.

-初级职位, 实习和研究生职位, 请阅读金沙体育在线学生的地理具体信息 & 毕业生网站: http://www.AECOM.com/careers/who-we-hire/recent-graduates/. From here, you can learn about available opportunities as well as submit an application. Graduates may also search openings 和 submit a 一般 application at: http://sjobs.brassring.com/TGWebHost/home.aspx?partnerid = 20052&siteid = 5302.

-如果你是一名职业专业人士和有经验的求职者, you can create a job search agent that fits your geographical location 和 experience 和 apply at: http://AECOM.jobs/.

- Graduates may also search openings 和 submit a 一般 application at: http://sjobs.brassring.com/TGWebHost/home.aspx?partnerid = 20052&siteid = 5302.


It has come to our attention that various individuals 和 organizations have offered false employment opportunities with 金沙体育在线. 这类骗局是欺诈性的,目的是窃取受害者的财物. We are taking this matter extremely seriously 和 are currently working with the appropriate legal authorities to stop such fraudulent schemes.

If you are 联系ed by someone you suspect may not be appropriately representing 金沙体育在线, 请Email:ethics和compliance@金沙体育在线.com或拨打1-888-299-9602(在美国.S. 或1-770-613-6332(美国以外地区).S. 和加拿大).

For more information about fraud 和 safeguarding your personal information, 请浏览以下网页: http://www.AECOM.com/recruitment-fraud-warning/


如你已申请,请参阅本处常见问题文件(http://www.AECOM.com/careers/faqs/) for answers to frequently asked questions regarding our application process. 由于大量的请求, we regret we are unable to respond to each c和idate individually regarding the status of their application. 如果这个职位还在金沙体育在线的网站上, we are working on the requisition; otherwise, 这个位置已经关闭了.


Please visit the 办公室 section of our website 和 search for our locations near you to connect with an 金沙体育在线 office. 联系 information will be provided with your search results online, 和 you can reach out directly to the local office with your request. 我相信他们会很高兴收到你的来信.

How can I 联系 金沙体育在线 regarding sponsorships 和 charitable collaborations?

请将您的要求发送到金沙体育在线的企业责任团队 CorporateResponsibility@金沙体育在线.com. 


请致电道德热线:  http://secure.ethicspoint.com/domain/media/en/gui/73216/index.html, 是由第三方公司提供的吗, with specialists available who speak in more than 150 languages 和 who can help document 和 relay your concerns. 如果你愿意,你可以选择匿名.


请Email media@金沙体育在线.com. Based on the region 和 business line, the appropriate communications 联系 will reach out to you.


Please use the information below to 联系 the appropriate regional team:

地区 联系
澳大利亚 & 新西兰 Businessinquiry.anz@金沙体育在线.com
大中华区 Businessinquiry.gc@金沙体育在线.com
东南亚 Businessinquiry.sea@金沙体育在线.com
欧洲、中东 & 非洲 Businessinquiry.emia@金沙体育在线.com
美洲 Businessinquiry.americas@金沙体育在线.com
金沙体育在线在当地管理其供应商/供应商关系, 因此,如果你还没有与金沙体育在线公司联系, it would be best to reach out to one of our offices near you 和 work with that office to establish a relationship. Please visit our website 和 the 办公室 section where you can find your closest regional office to 联系.



金沙体育在线 ensures nondiscrimination in all programs 和 activities in accordance with Title VI of the 美国 Civil Rights Act of 1964.除了, 金沙体育在线 ensures nondiscrimination in employment in accordance with Title VII of the 美国 Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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